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Are you trying to decide if refinishing your bathtub, shower or sink is better than replacing it with a new one? Well that would depend on how much work, time and money you are willing to spend. After adding in the cost of a new tub or shower, the labor to remove the old one, replacing any broken tiles, the clean up after removing it, installing the new one, and finally the cleanup after everything is completed, you could have just refinished it for a fraction of the cost. Instead of remodeling, you should call a bath professional to refinish bathtubs, countertops, and tiles and save yourself up to 80%. Refinishing bathtubs, countertops, and tiles is always cheaper than installing new bathtubs, sinks, ceramic countertops, and tiles.

Below is a comparison chart of what is involved with Replacing & Liner Install versus Tub Refinishing:

Don't Let Cheaper Prices Fool You! Pick The Right Company!


Getting a cheaper refinishing company to do a job can actually cost you more money in the long run. Many cheaper pricing refinishers take shortcuts, As we have done our research on all or our competition we feel we offer the best prices for quality of work and material used. We will also price match any company that is licensed, bonded, and insured. We do not price match to unlicensed contractors who do not pay workers compensation or have liability insurance. We have the most competitive pricing for Property Managers, Apartment Owners, Hotels, etc. We also will beat out our Homeowners pricing from any of our competition. Just send us the estimate from the competitor and we will match any price.


Bath Professional uses the most effective and durable surface refinishing materials available that have been proven through years of experience. Beware of cheaper, inferior or experimental materials in use by other refinishers that may easily chip, peel or yellow with age. These are common flaws of inferior materials. The coating we use costs a little more, but unlike cheaper products used by many other refinishers, our coatings do NOT yellow, and last for many years. Because of the large volume of work that we do, we are able to get a bulk discount that makes these better materials more affordable, so we can keep the cost of our services down without sacrificing quality. Our surface is very hard and smooth - like an authentic porcelain finish. Other coatings are porous and more difficult to keep clean and maintain. And unlike cheaper materials used by others, our coating does not contain any free-isocyanates which means they are safer to use and better for the environment. Our coating is smooth and shiny but NOT slippery when wet, which makes it safer than an original porcelain finish which can be a slip and fall hazard and liability to a property owner.


Refinishers who are not insured are a great liability. If they hurt themselves on the job they can sue the property owner! Be aware that small operators often undercut competitor prices by cutting corners and since insurance is very expensive they usually choose to go without proper insurance coverage. We carry $1,000,000 in liability insurance as well as full Workers Compensation coverage which covers any on the job injury. Bath Professional is licensed and fully insured.


Our company is still small enough to care about your business, but large enough that you can trust you will be taken care of. Our staff try hard to give you perfect service, and if we do make a mistake we do everything possible to make it right. We take pride in what we do which is why the company has grown consistently every year.


With a full 5 YEAR WARRANTY on all bathroom refinishing services, you can be assured with complete confidence that the product will hold up for years of normal use for all our refinished work and that we will be here for you if there is ever any problem. Our crew of service technicians take pride in their work and as our many long-term customers can attest we stand by the quality of our work and truly honor our warranty.

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